Hey everyone and welcome to my new home.Here is where I want to share with you everything musical that I am doing. From big projects to small ones. And possibly some board game tit-bits. Yes, before I started creating music and effects for board games and RPG's, I was heavily into reviewing board games. Set up a website and Youtube channel. It was extreme hard work (would you believe that playing games and talking about theme was "hard work!!!"). This is because speaking is not my prefered method of communication.  

Sound is how I communicate best. Feelings are hard to put into words, but into sound...simple.

So I hope that you will stick around. In time I will post more blogs, music and videos here so you can step into this strange but wonder world I have been given. And get to talk a little (as it's not my thing) about the projects that I have worked on and have lined up.

Until then, ciao for now

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