My mini videos

During my time with Syrinscape I have produced many weeks worth of audio. From music, to sound effects. And most of it goes unseen by the average Joe. Probably because they are not into role playing games. Which is a shame, yes?

Well all of that has changed now, grace of my wonderful boss (the owner and creator of Syrinscape) Benjamin Loomes, I can now share some of that work with you on my Youtube channel. Every week I have been posting a mood from one of the 100's of soundsets I have been involved in. All containing many unique sounds as well as original compositions to suit the adventure being played. Here are a few of them that are posted as of now (more will be coming).

Maybe there is something in there for you to add in the background of your life while cooking, trying to sleep or playing a game. 

Look out for more as time goes by. And if you like it, then like it. =)

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