Exploring the 7th Citadel

It's here! … 

Well!  On route to being delivered to backers.

The 7th Citadel is an all-new cooperative exploration and adventure game from the creators of The 7th Continent.

In this post-apocalyptic medieval fantasy world, you play as a “slave-gardener” who escapes from the Citadel of Necrodruid Ninidazir’, only to find yourself confronted by an even greater Threat!

Explore the Collapsing Lands freely by gradually unveiling the board using numbered terrain and event cards. Interact with your environment, converse with its inhabitants, and build a city that will signal the renewal of this desolate world....

As the scenarios unfold, your choices, for better or worse, will lead you inexorably to the epic finale against the Threat!

And with that, there is the new soundtrack to accompany your adventure into this new world. 11 areas/track of sound from the different regions of the game with atmospheric music to hype up the tension as the game becomes harder. Areas of swampy, waterlogged lands with squelchy boots of mud and strange insects buzzing. Areas of forests and jungles containing dangerous creatures and plant life. And of course, the citadel. Falling apart and decaying at a rapid speed. 

You can find it (download/stream) all over the web? From Youtube, Spotify, Deezer, i-Tunes, Tic Tok and more. Also from the publishers of the game Serious Poulp.

Stay tuned to find out more about the game and the soundtrack. 

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