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You may or may not of heard of the extremely successful board game The 7th Continent that had a Kickstarter launched back in 2017. The game that kind of kickstarted me into board game soundtracks. 

…ah! No, that's not right.

In 2020, Serious Poulp started the follow up game The 7th Citadel, again through Kickstarter and I was again involved in creating a soundtrack/background ambience for this game too. And then Covid happened. The world came to a stop. And so did my work on the game. I had produced over two hours of music and was awaiting the feedback from this work but I was told by Bruno Saunter (co designer & co owner) that this would have to wait for two reasons. One, Covid. Two, they underestimated the scope of the narrative content that had to be produced. Over this two and a half year period of time, they managed to get the ball rolling the way they wanted it to, plus the manufacturing factories are now running as normal. And recently Serious Poulp posted this.


Around the same time, I received a message from Bruno with the feedback from all the music I had sent him nearly three years ago. You can imagine (if you know me) how excited I was to hear this news and be able to continue working on this. Listening to things that you produced some time ago can be eye opening and shocking. “Did I really do that?” This is a project that I am so excited to work on, as I am motivated to do something grander and more impressive than the previous soundtrack. From some of the fan feedback as well as Bruno and Ludovic view of what they desire their game to have, I am creating my chops off to give you (and them) the best ambient soundtrack (that will looping the melody in your head) ever.

This is what one of the areas looks like. Expect to hear this and the other ten areas of the game at the end of 2023

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